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Install, configure, and set the state of pulp workers.

This role depends on the pulp_common role, see it for many more variables on configuring pulp_database_workers.

Role Variables#

  • pulp_workers: Specify how many workers. Defaults to 2 workers.

Shared variables#

This role depends upon the the pulp_common role, which in turn depends on on pulp_repos. You should consult pulp_common in particular for variables that effectively control the behavior of this role.

This role also utilizes some of the pulp_common role's variables in its logic:

  • pulp_config_dir
  • pulp_group
  • pulp_install_dir
  • pulp_ld_library_path: An optional LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable for the pulpcore-worker systemd processes
  • pulp_settings_file
  • pulp_user

Last update: 2023-01-23