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Install, Configure and start Redis.

Role Variables#

  • pulp_cache_enabled: Install and enable Redis as a cache. Defaults to True This option effectively disables or enables this entire role.
  • pulp_redis_bind: Interface and Port where Redis service will listen. One can specify a unix socket path instead (recommended value is 'unix://var/run/redis/redis.sock'). Defaults to ''.
  • pulp_redis_package_name: Name of the redis package server to install. Defaults to: redis
  • pulp_redis_server_name: Name of the redis server service to run. Defaults to: OS specific
  • pulp_redis_conf_file: Path to the redis server configuration file. Defaults to: os specific

Shared Variables#

This role depends upon the the pulp_repos role in order to enable the EPEL repo. Its variables effectively control the behavior of this role.

Operating Systems Variables#

Each currently supported operating system has a matching file in the "vars" directory.

Last update: 2023-01-23