Pulp API

A role to setup Pulp 3's API service.


Requires the openshift Python library to interact with Kubernetes: pip install openshift.

Role Variables

  • api: A dictionary of pulp-api configuration
    • replicas: Number of pod replicas.
    • log_level: The desired log level.
  • default_settings: A nested dictionary that will be combined with custom values from the user's setting.py. The keys of this dictionary are variable names, and the values should be expressed using the Dynaconf syntax Please see pulpcore configuration docs for documentation on the possible variable names and their values.
    • debug: Wether to run pulp in debug mode.
  • registry: The container registry.
  • project: The project name e.g. user or org name at the container registry.
  • image: The image name.
  • tag: The tag name.
  • storage_type: A string for specifying storage configuration type.
  • file_storage_access_mode: The access mode for the volume.
  • file_storage_size: The storage size.
  • object_storage_s3_secret:The kubernetes secret with s3 storage configuration information.
  • object_storage_azure_secret:The kubernetes secret with Azure blob storage configuration information.



  • community.kubernetes
  • operator_sdk.util



Author Information

Pulp Team