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A role to setup shared tasks in Pulp 3.

In order to pull the images from a private registry (in a disconnected installation, for example) it is possible to configure the image_pull_secrets with the names of the secrets that have the credentials to pull the images from the private registry. The secrets that will be used by image_pull_secrets need to be created manually: ~~ kubectl create secret docker-registry --docker-server= --docker-username= --docker-password= --docker-email= ~~

If you have a ~/.docker/config.json already, you can create the secret through: ~~ kubectl create secret docker-registry --from-file=.dockerconfigjson=path/to/.docker/config.json ~~

Role Variables#

  • image_pull_secrets: An array of secrets that will be used to pull image from private registries


Requires the openshift Python library to interact with Kubernetes: pip install openshift.



  • kubernetes.core
  • operator_sdk.util



Author Information#

Pulp Team

Last update: 2022-08-10