Serializer for a Server.


Name Type Description Notes
name str A unique name for this Pulp server.
base_url str The transport, hostname, and an optional port of the Pulp server. e.g.
api_root str The API root. Defaults to '/pulp/'.
domain str The domain of the Pulp server if enabled. [optional]
ca_cert str A PEM encoded CA certificate used to validate the server certificate presented by the remote server. [optional]
client_cert str A PEM encoded client certificate used for authentication. [optional]
client_key str A PEM encoded private key used for authentication. [optional]
tls_validation bool If True, TLS peer validation must be performed. [optional]
username str The username to be used for authentication when syncing. [optional]
password str The password to be used for authentication when syncing. Extra leading and trailing whitespace characters are not trimmed. [optional]
pulp_label_select str One or more comma separated labels that will be used to filter distributions on the upstream Pulp. E.g. \"foo=bar,key=val\" or \"foo,key\" [optional]

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