Serializer for Domain.


Name Type Description Notes
pulp_href str [optional] [readonly]
pulp_created datetime Timestamp of creation. [optional] [readonly]
name str A name for this domain.
description str An optional description. [optional]
storage_class StorageClassEnum Backend storage class for domain. * `` - Use local filesystem as storage * `storages.backends.s3boto3.S3Boto3Storage` - Use Amazon S3 as storage * `storages.backends.azure_storage.AzureStorage` - Use Azure Blob as storage
storage_settings object Settings for storage class.
redirect_to_object_storage bool Boolean to have the content app redirect to object storage. [optional] [default to True]
hide_guarded_distributions bool Boolean to hide distributions with a content guard in the content app. [optional] [default to False]

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