The Serializer for the Distribution model. The serializer deliberately omits the publication and repository_version field due to plugins typically requiring one or the other but not both. To include the publication field, it is recommended plugins define the field:: publication = DetailRelatedField( required=False, help_text=(\"Publication to be served\"), view_name_pattern=r\"publications(-./.)?-detail\", queryset=models.Publication.objects.exclude(complete=False), allow_null=True, ) To include the repository_version field, it is recommended plugins define the field:: repository_version = RepositoryVersionRelatedField( required=False, help_text=(\"RepositoryVersion to be served\"), allow_null=True ) Additionally, the serializer omits the remote field, which is used for pull-through caching feature and only by plugins which use publications. Plugins implementing a pull-through caching should define the field in their derived serializer class like this:: remote = DetailRelatedField( required=False, help_text=_('Remote that can be used to fetch content when using pull-through caching.'), queryset=models.Remote.objects.all(), allow_null=True )


Name Type Description Notes
pulp_href str [optional] [readonly]
pulp_created datetime Timestamp of creation. [optional] [readonly]
pulp_last_updated datetime Timestamp of the last time this resource was updated. Note: for immutable resources - like content, repository versions, and publication - pulp_created and pulp_last_updated dates will be the same. [optional] [readonly]
base_path str The base (relative) path component of the published url. Avoid paths that overlap with other distribution base paths (e.g. \"foo\" and \"foo/bar\")
base_url str The URL for accessing the publication as defined by this distribution. [optional] [readonly]
content_guard str An optional content-guard. [optional]
hidden bool Whether this distribution should be shown in the content app. [optional] [default to False]
pulp_labels dict(str, str) [optional]
name str A unique name. Ex, `rawhide` and `stable`.
repository str The latest RepositoryVersion for this Repository will be served. [optional]

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