Base serializer for use with :class:pulpcore.app.models.Model This ensures that all Serializers provide values for the 'pulp_href` field. The class provides a default for the ref_name attribute in the ModelSerializers's Meta class. This ensures that the OpenAPI definitions of plugins are namespaced properly.


Name Type Description Notes
pulp_href str [optional] [readonly]
pulp_created datetime Timestamp of creation. [optional] [readonly]
pulp_last_updated datetime Timestamp of the last time this resource was updated. Note: for immutable resources - like content, repository versions, and publication - pulp_created and pulp_last_updated dates will be the same. [optional] [readonly]
state str The current state of the task. The possible values include: 'waiting', 'skipped', 'running', 'completed', 'failed', 'canceled' and 'canceling'. [optional] [readonly]
name str The name of task.
logging_cid str The logging correlation id associated with this task
created_by str User who dispatched this task. [optional] [readonly]
unblocked_at datetime Timestamp of when this task was identified ready for pickup. [optional] [readonly]
started_at datetime Timestamp of when this task started execution. [optional] [readonly]
finished_at datetime Timestamp of when this task stopped execution. [optional] [readonly]
error dict(str, object) A JSON Object of a fatal error encountered during the execution of this task. [optional] [readonly]
worker str The worker associated with this task. This field is empty if a worker is not yet assigned. [optional] [readonly]
parent_task str The parent task that spawned this task. [optional] [readonly]
child_tasks list[str] Any tasks spawned by this task. [optional] [readonly]
task_group str The task group that this task is a member of. [optional] [readonly]
progress_reports list[ProgressReportResponse] [optional] [readonly]
created_resources list[str] Resources created by this task. [optional] [readonly]
reserved_resources_record list[str] A list of resources required by that task. [optional] [readonly]

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