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Disabling the Operator#

Sometimes we need to stop the Operator reconciliation process.
An example of such situation is when troubleshooting and would like to test different configurations without modifying Pulp CR.

Setting the Operator as unmanaged will stop all Operator's tasks, which means no more reconciliation and/or reprovisioning of objects. It is like disabling the Operator.


Pulp cluster will keep running even if the Operator is unmanaged, but no new modification done on Pulp CR will reflect in Pulp objects.

Setting the Operator as unmanaged#

To set the Operator as unmanaged update Pulp CR:

  unmanaged: true

From now on:

  • any modification done on objects managed by the Operator will not be reconciled
  • any removed object - managed by the Operator - will not be reprovisioned

Setting the Operator back as managed#

To set the Operator as managed again, just update Pulp CR:

  unmanaged: false

It is also possible to delete the unmanaged field, since the default value is false.


Putting back the Operator in a managed state will:

  • overwrite any modifications done while it was unmanaged
  • reprovision any object deleted while it was unmanaged

Last update: 2023-03-24