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Configuring Pulp Database#

Pulp operator provides a PostgreSQL database for Pulp to use, but it is also possible to configure the operator to use an external PostgreSQL installation. At this time, Pulp 3.0 will only work with PostgreSQL.

Configuring Pulp operator to deploy a PostgreSQL instance#

Pulp CR page has all the parameters that can be set to inform Pulp operator how it should deploy the PostgreSQL container.

If no database parameter is defined, Pulp operator will deploy PostgreSQL with the following configuration:

  • a StatefulSet will be provisioned to handle PostgreSQL pod
  • a single PostgreSQL replica will be available (it is not possible to form a cluster with this container)
  • it will deploy a image
  • no data will be persisted, the container will mount an emptyDir (all data will be lost in case of pod restart)

A new Secret (<deployment-name>-postgres-configuration) will also be created with some information like:

  • the database name
  • the admin user
  • the admin password
  • the address to communicate with the database (this is a k8s svc address)
  • the service port

A Service will be created with the PostgreSQL pod as endpoint.

Here is an example of how to configure Pulp operator to deploy the database using a Storage Class called standard:

    postgres_storage_class: standard

Configuring Pulp operator to use an external PostgreSQL installation#

It is also possible to configure Pulp operator to point to a running PostgreSQL cluster. To do so, create a new Secret with the parameters to connect to the running PostgreSQL cluster:

$ kubectl -npulp create secret generic external-database \  \
        --from-literal=POSTGRES_PORT=5432  \
        --from-literal=POSTGRES_USERNAME=pulp-admin  \
        --from-literal=POSTGRES_PASSWORD=password  \
        --from-literal=POSTGRES_DB_NAME=pulp \

Make sure to define all of the above keys with your cluster configuration.

Now, configure Pulp operator CR to use the Secret:

    external_db_secret: external-database


The current version of Pulp backup operator does not support the backup of external databases. Only the backup of databases deployed by the operator was tested.

Last update: 2023-03-24