Contribution documentation generally assumes that the reader is familiar with Pulp basics. If you have problems, you can contact us or file an issue.


  1. Clone the GitHub repo

  2. Make a change

  3. Make sure all tests passed

  4. Add a file into CHANGES folder for user facing changes and CHANGES/plugin_api for plugin API changes.

  5. Commit changes to own pulpcore clone

  6. Make pull request from github page for your clone against master branch

Plugin Development

Developers interested in writing plugins should reference the Pulp Plugin API documentation.

Suggesting Changes to the Pulp Development Process

Pulp is a community project, and major changes to the way Pulp is developed, such as the release cycle, and style guide, can be suggested by submitting a PUP, or, “Pulp Update Proposal”. All approved PUPs live in the PUP repository.

PUP-1 defines the PUP process itself.

All approved, rejected, and abandoned PUPs are tracked in the PUP index