Bugs, Feature and Backport Requests

Bugs, feature and backport requests for pulpcore are tracked with Redmine. Please see the plugin table for trackers for each plugin.

How to File an Issue

New pulpcore issue.


Is this security related? If so, please follow the Security Disclosures procedure.

Please set only the fields in this table. See Redmine Fields for more detailed descriptions of all the fields and how they are used.




For a bug, select Issue, for a feature-request, choose Story, for a backport request, choose Backport.


Strive to be specific and concise.


This is the most important part! Please see Description Field.


Choose one if applicable, blank is OK.


The version of pulpcore that you discovered the issue.


Please select your operating system.


For searching. Select 0 or many, best judgement. If an issue requires a functional test. Add the tag Functional test.

Description Field

A well written description is very helpful to developers and other users with similar problems. It is ok if you aren’t able to provide all the information requested here, but clear and detailed issues are more likely to be fixed quickly. Bonus points if they are pretty.

For Issues (Bugs)

Please include:

  1. Detailed explanation of the problem. For problems involving external content sources, please indicate the source (and a link) if you can.

  2. Clear steps to reproduce the problem. Commands and/or REST calls are highly encouraged.

  3. Expected results

  4. Actual results

  5. Snippet of relevant logs, especially Exceptions.

You can also upload attachments, but please only upload relevant data. For example, if you have an entire log which contains some errors, please trim it to just the relevant portions and upload those.

For Feature Requests (Stories)

The description will depend on the feature. Please be specific when describing the requested behavior and include the motivation for adding it. If you have suggestions for how the commands/REST calls would look, please include that as well. Feature requests require follow-up from the filer, so please reach out with a link to your issue.

For Backport Requests

Only bug fixes from newer versions can be requested to be backported. No features can be backported to older versions due to semantic versioning.

Please include:

  1. A redmine issue number or URL for the bug fix to backport. If possible, relate those two issues in the tracker using Add in the Related issues section after creating a Backport request.

  2. The Y release of the component you need a backport for. E.g. pulpcore 3.4, pulp_file 1.0, etc.

  3. The reasons for the backport request.

If a backport request is not accepted, it is closed as WONTFIX.


Twice per week, the Pulp team triages all new bugs, at which point its Severity rating and other aspects of the report will be evaluated. If necessary, the bug may be commented on requesting more information or clarification from the reporter. When a bug has enough information, its Priority rating set and is marked as triaged using the Triaged boolean.

Security Disclosures

We take security issues seriously and welcome responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities in Pulp. Please email pulp-security@redhat.com (a private address for the Pulp Security Team) with all reports.

Your report should include:

  1. Pulp version

  2. A vulnerability description

  3. Reproduction steps

  4. Feel free to submit a patch with your disclosure. A member of the Pulp Security Team will confirm the vulnerability, determine its impact, and develop a fix.

Redmine Fields




  • Issue (bug) Defect in a feature that is expected to work.

  • Story New feature or functionality.

  • Refactor Improvement that will not be visible to the user in any way.

  • Task Work that will not be a part of released code.

  • Backport Requested backport.

  • Test Requested functional test.


  • For an Issue, summary of the situation and the unexpected result.

  • For a Story, takes the form “As a [user/dev/etc] I can …”

  • For a Task or Refactor describe what should be done. in any way.

  • For a Backport, takes the form “<redmine issue number> into <component><Y release>”


A detailed explanation of the problem please see Description Field


  • NEW Unassigned, incomplete

  • ASSIGNED Incomplete, assignee should also be set

  • POST Pull Request is open (with a link in a comment)

  • MODIFIED Change has been merged, but has not been released

  • CLOSED If you disagree, please re-open and comment


Assigned during Triage.


Contributor who is working on this issue.


A set of work that has been grouped together.

Parent Task

Indicates that this is a sub-task of the larger issue.


Assigned during Triage.


Filer experienced the problem while running this version of pulpcore

Platform Release

  • Indicates the earliest version that contains these changes

  • This field is set only on issues that have been completed


Indicates whether an issue has gone through bug triage


Core developers mark issues groomed when they include all necessary information.


If set, indicates that the issue is accepted and is ready to be worked on.


Used for filtering.