User Setup

Pip Install

This document assumes that you have installed pulpcore and any content plugins you need into the virtual environment pulpvenv.

Users should install from either PyPI or source.

From PyPI

sudo -u pulp -i
source ~/pulpvenv/bin/activate
pip install pulp-2to3-migration

From Source

sudo -u pulp -i
source ~/pulpvenv/bin/activate
git clone
cd pulp-2to3-migration
pip install -e .

Run Migrations

django-admin migrate pulp_2to3_migration

Run Services

django-admin runserver 24817
gunicorn pulpcore.content:server --bind 'localhost:24816' --worker-class 'aiohttp.GunicornWebWorker' -w 2
sudo systemctl restart pulpcore-resource-manager
sudo systemctl restart pulpcore-worker@1
sudo systemctl restart pulpcore-worker@2