Plugin API Reference

The Plugin API is versioned in sync with pulpcore and consists of everything importable within the pulpcore.plugin namespace. It is governed by the deprecation policy. When writing plugins, care should be taken to only import pulpcore components exposed in this namespace; importing from elsewhere within the pulpcore module (e.g. importing directly from, pulpcore.exceptions, etc.) is unsupported, and not protected by the aforementioned Pulp Plugin API deprecation policy.

class pulpcore.plugin.PulpPluginAppConfig(app_name, app_module)

AppConfig class. Use this in plugins to identify your app as a Pulp plugin.


If a plugin has a, import it

(This exists when a plugin knows how to import-export itself)


If a plugin has a, import it.

This exists when a plugin supports replication from an upstream Pulp.


If a plugin defines a, include it.


Override this method in subclasses to run code when Django starts.