Developer Setup

To ease developer setup, we have Pulplift as part of the installer repository, which is based on the Forklift project and utilizes Ansible roles and playbooks to provide supported Vagrant boxes that are more consistent with the user experience.

Get the Source

It is assumed that any Pulp project repositories are cloned into one directory. As long as Ansible has read and write permissions, it doesn’t matter where your development directory is.

You will need pulp/pulpcore at a minimum:

$ git clone

Additionally, you will need at least one plugin.:

$ git clone

The current base branch on this repository is the master branch.


It is important to ensure that your repositories are all checked out to compatible versions. Check the and requirements.txt files of each repository to see what version it provides and which versions it requires, respectively.


We recommend using pulplift for developer installations. Follow the instructions in the installer documentation.

It is also possible to use the Ansible roles directly, if you prefer not to use Vagrant.