Pulp Documentation

This documentation is for pulpcore, which is used with plugins to fetch, upload, and organize arbitrary content types.

Anyone interested in writing a plugin should reference the Plugin API.


If you need help with Pulp and cannot find the answer to your question in our docs, we encourage you to check out our help page at pulpproject.org which includes information about our mailing lists, IRC, etc.


Pulp is a free and open source software (FOSS) project and if you’d like to contribute, please check out our contributing docs.

How to Navigate the pulpcore and plugin docs

Plugin Documentation

If you are a new user who is evaluating Pulp it is recommended that you skim the documentation for the plugins that add the content types you are interested in. Links to these docs can be found in our list of plugins

Pulpcore Documentation

pulpcore handles some parts of common content management workflows, including high performance downloading, task queuing with scalable workers, and management of content within versioned repositories. Information about Installation, Architecture and Deploying, and general concepts and terminology are all covered by the pulpcore documentation.