Developer Setup

To ease developer setup, we have the oci-env which is our developer environment based off the Pulp OCI Images. It is a CLI tool that uses docker/podman-compose to quickly setup a Pulp instance with your specified configuration.

Get the Source

It is assumed that any Pulp project repositories are cloned into one directory. You must clone the oci-env into the same directory as all of your other Pulp project repositories.:

$ git clone

You will need pulp/pulpcore at a minimum:

$ git clone

Additionally, you will need at least one plugin.:

$ git clone

The current base branch on this repository is the main branch.


It is important to ensure that your repositories are all checked out to compatible versions. Check the and requirements.txt files of each repository to see what version it provides and which versions it requires, respectively.


Follow the steps at Getting Started to setup your Pulp instance after cloning the Pulp repositories.