This plugin exists to serve the community. If we can do more for your use case, please let us know! Also, contributions are greatly appreciated in the form of:

We can usually be found on Matrix in #pulp-dev, #pulp, and #pulp-python.


To contribute to the pulp_python package follow this process:

  1. Clone the GitHub repo

  2. Make a change

  3. Make sure all tests passed

  4. Add a file into CHANGES folder (Changelog update).

  5. Commit changes to own pulp_python clone

  6. Make pull request from github page for your clone against master branch

Changelog update

The CHANGES.rst file is managed using the towncrier tool and all non trivial changes must be accompanied by a news entry.

To add an entry to the news file, you first need an issue in describing the change you want to make. Once you have an issue, take its number and create a file inside of the CHANGES/ directory named after that issue number with an extension of .feature, .bugfix, .doc, .removal, or .misc. So if your issue is 3543 and it fixes a bug, you would create the file CHANGES/3543.bugfix.

PRs can span multiple categories by creating multiple files (for instance, if you added a feature and deprecated an old feature at the same time, you would create CHANGES/NNNN.feature and CHANGES/NNNN.removal). Likewise if a PR touches multiple issues/PRs you may create a file for each of them with the exact same contents and Towncrier will deduplicate them.

The contents of this file are reStructuredText formatted text that will be used as the content of the news file entry. You do not need to reference the issue or PR numbers here as towncrier will automatically add a reference to all of the affected issues when rendering the news file.