Synchronize a Repository

Users can populate their repositories with content from an external sources by syncing their repository.

Create a Repository

Start by creating a new repository named “foo”:

pulp ostree repository create --name foo

Create a Remote

Creating a remote object informs Pulp about an external content source:

pulp ostree remote create --name bar --url

Use the standard Linux wildcards *, ? to include or exclude refs from a remote repository when syncing:

pulp ostree remote create --name bar-filtered --url --include-refs "[\"stable\"]" --exclude-refs "[\"raw*\"]"

Sync the Repository

Use the remote object to kick off a synchronization task by specifying a repository to sync with. This tells Pulp to fetch content from the remote source and add it to the repository:

pulp ostree repository sync --name foo --remote bar


The OSTree plugin currently supports only repositories with the modern archive format. The repository’s config file still uses the historical term archive-z2 to signify such a format.