User Setup

Install pulpcore

Follow the installation instructions provided with pulpcore.

Install plugin

The following sections assume that pulpcore is installed into the virtual environment pulpvenv.

Users should install the plugin either from PyPI or source. The plugin utilizes some of the features provided by libostree. Please, install it on the system as well.

From PyPI

sudo -u pulp -i
source ~/pulpvenv/bin/activate
pip install pulp-ostree

From Source

sudo -u pulp -i
source ~/pulpvenv/bin/activate
git clone
cd pulp_ostree
pip install -e .
django-admin runserver 24817

Make and Run Migrations

pulp-manager makemigrations pulp_ostree
pulp-manager migrate pulp_ostree

Run Services

pulp-manager runserver
gunicorn pulpcore.content:server --bind 'localhost:24816' --worker-class 'aiohttp.GunicornWebWorker' -w 2
sudo systemctl restart pulpcore
sudo systemctl restart pulpcore-content
sudo systemctl restart pulpcore-api
sudo systemctl restart pulpcore-worker@1
sudo systemctl restart pulpcore-worker@2