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Pulp 3 Containers#

The pulp-oci-images repository is used to provide container images for running Pulp. These images represent one of several officially supported Pulp installation methods. The available images can be divided into two types:

Note that OCI stands for "Open Container Initiative", see here.


See the quickstart guide for deploying.

Available Images#

Name Description
pulp Multi-Process Pulp with several plugins
pulp-minimal Single-Process Pulp with several plugins
pulp-web Webserver for pulp-minimal
galaxy Multi-Process Ansible Galaxy
galaxy-minimal Single-Process Ansible Galaxy
galaxy-web Webserver for galaxy-minimal

First-Party Services#

The first-party services are services written by the Pulp project itself.

They are pulp-api, pulp-content, and pulp-worker.

Third-Party Services#

The third-party services are services written by other open source projects, but Pulp depends on them as the middle tier in 3-tier application architecture to run.

The 2 backends are the PostgreSQL database server and the redis caching server.

The 1 frontend is the Nginx webserver, with special config to combine both pulp-api and pulp-content into one service.

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Last update: 2023-09-21