This section will document the major features of pulp-file in a “quickstart” style. More detailed information (REST API Reference) is linked in each section.

If you have not yet installed Pulp and the File plugin, please follow our User Setup. These documents will assume you have the environment installed and ready to go.


The REST API examples here use httpie to perform the requests. The httpie commands below assume that the user executing the commands has a .netrc file in the home directory. The .netrc should have the following configuration:

machine localhost
login admin
password password

If you configured the admin user with a different password, adjust the configuration accordingly. If you prefer to specify the username and password with each request, please see httpie documentation on how to do that.


This documentation makes use of the jq library to parse the json received from requests, in order to get the unique urls generated when objects are created. To follow this documentation as-is please install the jq library with:

$ sudo dnf install jq