pulp_file Plugin

This is the pulp_file Plugin for Pulp Project 3.0+. This plugin replaces the ISO support in the pulp_rpm plugin for Pulp 2.

How to use these docs

The documentation here should be considered the primary documentation for managing File content. See How to navigate the pulpcore and plugin docs for a more thorough explanation.

All relevent workflows are covered here, with references to pulpcore supplemental docs. Users may also find pulpcore’s conceptual docs helpful. Here, the documentation falls into two main categories:

  1. Workflows show the major features of the File plugin, with links to reference docs.

  2. REST API Docs are automatically generated and are responsible for containing thorough information for each minor feature, including all fields and options.


This plugin exists to serve the community. If we can do more for your use case, please let us know! Also, contributions are greatly appreciated in the form of:

We can usually be found on freenode in #pulp-dev and #pulp.

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