As with all Pulp plugins, the installation method for pulp_deb depends on your chosen pulpcore installation method. There are multiple pulpcore installation options. The default recommendation is to use the Pulp Ansible installer, which is documented via the Pulp Ansible installer documentation.

Using the Pulp Ansible installer as our example, adding the pulp_deb plugin to your installation is as easy as uncommenting # pulp-deb: {} in the example playbook, and then re-running that playbook. This will both work for entirely new Pulp installations, as well as to add the pulp_deb plugin to a already completed Pulp installation.

If you need more help with advanced installation scenarios you can either consult the documentation referenced above, or else join the pulp Matrix/IRC channel for interactive help. See the Pulp project help page for more information and additional ways on how to get in contact with the Pulp community.