User Setup

Containerized Installation

Follow the Pulp in One Container instructions to get started with Pulp by leveraging OCI images. Further details are discussed in the pulpcore documentation.

From PyPI

sudo -u pulp -i
source ~/pulpvenv/bin/activate
pip install pulp-container

Install pulp_container from source

sudo -u pulp -i
source ~/pulpvenv/bin/activate
cd pulp_container
pip install -e .

Make and Run Migrations

django-admin migrate container

Configure Required Settings

The plugin expects to have defined additional settings. These settings are required if a user wants to use the token authentication while serving content, see Authentication.

Run Services

django-admin runserver 24817
gunicorn pulpcore.content:server --bind 'localhost:24816' --worker-class 'aiohttp.GunicornWebWorker' -w 2
sudo systemctl restart pulpcore-resource-manager
sudo systemctl restart pulpcore-worker@1
sudo systemctl restart pulpcore-worker@2