Interactive shell mode

  • To use the shell mode, you need to install the the extra requirements tagged "shell". *

Warning: currently the click-shell dependency is incompatible with the latest version of click. Please install a version of click < 8.0.0.

Starting the CLI with "pulp shell" drops you into the shell:

(pulp) [vagrant@pulp3 ~]$ pulp shell
Starting Pulp3 interactive shell...
pulp> help

Documented commands (type help <topic>):
access-policy  config     export    group      orphans     rpm     task
ansible        container  exporter  importer   python      show    user
artifact       debug      file      migration  repository  status  worker

Undocumented commands:
exit  help  quit

pulp> status

pulp> exit
(pulp) [vagrant@pulp3 ~]$

Issuing the command with arguments works as it does currently:

(pulp) [vagrant@pulp3 ~]$ pulp status
(pulp) [vagrant@pulp3 ~]$