Pulp 2.19 Release Notes

Pulp 2.19.1

Bug Fixes

See the list of bugs fixed in 2.19.1

  • Upgrade (from <=2.16 to 2.17+) fix: Issue 4741

    • Old experimental modular content which doesn’t contain all the necessary information, like in Fedora 26, is skipped during migration and unassociated from a repo. Such content becomes orphaned and can be removed from Pulp with the orphan cleanup task.

  • Module copy fix: Issue 4718

    • Module are always copied with its available artifacts (RPMs) now. This is done to preserve module integrity to the extent possible.

Pulp 2.19.0

New Features

  • Module dependencies are now getting resolved during recursive copy. More information about how recursive copy works for different RPM content types can be found in the Advanced copy between repositories section of the docs.

  • Performance improvement for the RPM upload workflow.

Bug Fixes

  • Various fixes for managing modularity content.

  • Account for duplicate SRPMs when skipping them, some SLES repos were affected.

  • force_full option is working correctly now for distribution units (kickstart trees).

  • Published structure is fixed for distribution units - it no longer contains packages in the Packages/ directory duplicated from the requested publish path.

See the full list of bugs fixed in 2.19.0