Changelog (2019-09-10)


  • Expose CharInFilter to plugins, which can filter by lists of strings. #5182
  • Plugin writers can now define settings programatically. #5290


  • Breaking change on how to subclass Master/Detail models in plugins, now default_related_name is required for Detail models. #4681
  • Fixes too many open files when trying to perform large syncs with many downloads. #5323

Improved Documentation

  • Updating docs for subclassing models. #4681
  • Added documentation on how to add settings programatically. #5290

0.1.0rc4 (2019-07-25)


  • The DigestValidationError and SizeValidationError are available in the pulpcore.plugin.exceptions package. #5077
  • The HyperlinkRelatedFilter is available in the pulpcore.plugin.viewsets submodule. #5103

Improved Documentation

  • Adds a new page and various updates with ContentGuard documentation for plugin writers. #3972
  • Removed beta changelog entries to shorten the changelog. #5166

0.1.0rc3 (2019-06-28)


  • Fixes use of the proxy URL when syncing from a remote. #5011

Improved Documentation

  • Switch to using towncrier for better release notes. #4875
  • The term ‘lazy’ and ‘Lazy’ is replaced with ‘on-demand’ and ‘On-Demand’ respectively. #4990

Deprecations and Removals

  • The RemoteSerializer.policy attribute in the plugin API had its choices restricted to only ‘immediate’. Plugin writers wanting to use ‘on_demand’ or ‘streamed’ as values for ‘policy’ should redefine the ‘policy’ attribute on the detail Remote. #4990


Breaking Changes

The RepositoryPublishURLSerializer was removed from the plugin API.

Distributions are now Master/Detail. All plugins will require updating to provide a detail Distribution. Here is an example of pulp_file introducing the FileDistribution as an example of changes to match.

Publications are now Master/Detail. Plugins that use Publications will need to provide a detail Publication. Here is an example of pulp_file introducing the FilePublisher as an example of changes to match along with its follow-on change.