Publish a Repository Group

Publish content from a repository group using a repository group’s distributor. This call always executes asynchronously and returns a call report.

Method: POST
Path: /pulp/api/v2/repo_groups/<repo_group_id>/actions/publish/
Permission: execute
Request Body Contents:
  • id (string) - the ID of the distributor to use when publishing; this is not the distributor type ID

  • override_config (object) - (optional) distributor configuration values that override the distributor’s default configuration for this publish

Response Codes:
  • 202 - if the publish is set to be executed

  • 404 - if the repository group ID given does not exist

Return: a Call Report containing a list of spawned tasks that can be polled for a Task Report

Sample Request:

  "id": "demo_distributor_id",
  "override_config": {}

Sample result value for the Task Report:

 "_href": "/pulp/api/v2/tasks/a520a839-96ac-4c63-85e4-19a088c81807/",
 "_id": {
  "$oid": "53e243f9b53073e66875efa3"
 "_ns": "task_status",
 "error": null,
 "exception": null,
 "finish_time": "2014-08-06T15:04:25Z",
 "id": "53e243f97bc8f602856d69b9",
 "progress_report": {},
 "result": null,
 "spawned_tasks": [],
 "start_time": "2014-08-06T15:04:25Z",
 "state": "finished",
 "tags": [
 "task_id": "a520a839-96ac-4c63-85e4-19a088c81807",
 "task_type": "",
 "traceback": null

Tags: The task created will have the following tags: pulp:action:publish, pulp:repository_group:<repo_group_id>, pulp:repository_group_distributor:<group_distributor_id