Pulp 2.7 Release Notes

Pulp 2.7.0

New Features

  • The repo authentication functionality associated with pulp_rpm has been moved into platform. This allows other plugins to take advantage of this functionality.

  • The RPM plugin supports basic auth when fetching data from upstream repos. This can be configured via basicauth-user and basicauth-pass when creating or updating a repository.

  • The export distributor can optionally create a PULP_MANIFEST file in the directory where ISOs are generated. This allows the pulp ISO importer to directly import the published product. See the help text for pulp-admin rpm repo sync run, or the distributor documentation for details.

  • Comps.xml file can now be uploaded into pulp via CLI or API. The unit_type_id to use for import of the content is package_group or package_category.

  • The RPM plugin supports mirrorlist urls when syncing repo. This can be specified at repo creation step via feed option.