Pulp RPM 2.4 Release Notes

Pulp RPM 2.4.4

This release requires the application of a database migration due to #1165355. In that bug report, it was learned that Pulp considered “sha” and “sha1” to be different checksums. As a result, some users have experienced duplicate packages. This data migration changes all “sha” checksums to “sha1”, and will remove packages with “sha” checksums if they are found to be duplicates of existing “sha1” packages.

The 2.4.4 release is a minor bugfix release. You can see the list of 2.4.4 bugs that were fixed.

Please see the Pulp Platform 2.4.4 upgrade instructions for information on how to perform the upgrade.

Pulp RPM 2.4.3

No changes were introduced in the Pulp RPM 2.4.3 release. The Pulp build system requires Pulp RPM to match versions with Pulp server, which did have an update.

Pulp RPM 2.4.2

Bug Fixes

The 2.4.2 release is a minor bugfix release. You can see the list of 2.4.2 bugs that were fixed.

Pulp RPM 2.4.1

New Features

The 2.4.1 release drops the need for Pulp’s custom build of M2Crypto. You should remove the Pulp version of M2Crypto from your machine and downgrade to the version supplied by your operating system. As a result of this, the per-repo client certificate checks that are performed by our repository authorization system are inefficient, and you may notice degradation in performance if you are using this feature. The Pulp team has provided a workaround, but it can only be used if you don’t wish to use different CAs on different repositories. See the upgrade instructions below.

Bug Fixes

The 2.4.1 release is a minor bugfix release. You can see the list of 2.4.1 bugs that were fixed.

Upgrade Instructions

If you have the custom Pulp-provided M2Crypto package installed, you should downgrade to the M2Crypto package that is provided by your operating system:

$ sudo yum downgrade m2crypto

If you are using the repository protection feature and if you do not require different certificate authorities on each repository, it is recommended that you configure your web browser to validate client certificates against trusted certificate authorities instead of having Pulp do it. For Apache, please see their documentation if you wish to learn how to do this. You can set the new verify_ssl setting to false in the [main]] section of /etc/pulp/repo_auth.conf if you wish to configure Pulp not to check the certificate signatures. There is a performance advantage to configuring this setting this way if you are able to use your web server to validate client certificates instead of Pulp.

Pulp RPM 2.4.0

New Features

  • When a pulp_manifest.xml is added to kickstart repositories all of the additional files listed in the manifest will be downloaded as part of the repo. The command line utility available at pulp_rpm/playpen/yum_distributor/generate_distribution_manifest.py can be used to help with creating the manifest file. This file should be stored as a peer of the treeinfo file in a source repository that is being synced by Pulp.

  • Added the ability to generate sqlite repository metadata files as part of an RPM repo publish.

API Changes

  • The generate_sqlite metadata flag was added to the yum_distributor distributor type. Enabling that flag will turn on generation of sqlite repo metadata files. This is not enabled by default.

  • Removed the use_createrepo in favor of the more precise generate_sqlite flag

Yum Importer

When uploading RPMs, the unit key and metadata no longer need to be extracted client-side and passed to the server. The server will inspect the RPM and extract the necessary information.

Yum metadata files can now be uploaded to a repository. Information on valid metadata attributes can be found in the technical reference.

Upgrade Instructions

  • pulp_rpm has added a dependency on python-lxml for xml parsing

Please see the Pulp Platform 2.4.0 upgrade instructions for information on how to perform the upgrade.

Known Issues

There is a bug where if you have migrated from Pulp 2.0 or earlier of to any version prior to 2.4 and are performing a second migration to 2.4 or greater you may encounter an error that Applying migration pulp_rpm.plugins.migrations.0003_custom_metadata_on_scratchpad failed. This is caused because of old data that is no longer needed. The following command can be used to remove the data that is no longer needed: find /var/lib/pulp/working/repos/ -path '*/yum_importer' -type d -exec rm -rf '{}' \;