Pulp 2.3 Release Notes

Pulp 2.3.0

New Features

  • Users can now export repositories to a series of ISOs or to a location on disk that is convenient for transfer to another system.

  • The consumer applicability API is vastly different and performs much faster. Please see the platform developer guide for details on the new API.

  • The yum distributor now creates “listing” files in the parent directories of published yum repositories, all the way up the tree to the base publish path. These “listing” files are used by tools like Katello and Red Hat’s subscription-manager to discover available repositories within a particular path.

Client Changes

  • The command pulp-admin iso repo content was renamed to pulp-admin iso repo isos

Notable Bug Fixes

All Bugs

You can see the complete list of over 100 bugs that were fixed in Pulp 2.3.0.

Known Issues

Fedora 19 repositories have a new data type called an “environment group” that Pulp does not yet support. As such, you cannot use Anaconda to install Fedora 19 from a repository published by Pulp.

Pulp 2.3.1

Bugs Fixed

  • SRPM copy is now supported by pulp-admin.

  • REST API clients could see incorrect behavior if using a distributor_id value different from the distributor_type_id when adding a distributor to a repository. This issue did not affect users who only use pulp-admin to interact with the REST API.