Pulp 2.5 Release Notes

Pulp 2.5.0

The 2.5.0 release of pulp-puppet is a minor update release with bugfixes and two new features.

  • The --skip-dep and --modulepath flags are now supported during install and update operations.

  • A new SELinux boolean named pulp_manage_puppet is introduced for the Install Distributor. It works with the new SELinux policy introduced in Pulp Platform 2.5.0. Read more in the Plugin Configuration section of the Pulp Puppet Technical Reference for more details on this new boolean.

Users upgrading from 2.3.x or earlier will need to manually delete the /var/www/pulp_puppet directory after upgrading. This is the old location for puppet module publishing in Pulp 2.3 but is no longer used. The directory should be empty after the migration is complete.

You can see the list of bugs fixed.