Pulp 2.4 Release Notes

Pulp 2.4.1

The 2.4.1 release is a minor bugfix release. You can see the list of bugs fixed here.

Pulp 2.4.0

New Features

  • Install and update operations can now be performed with puppet version 3.3+ against a pulp repository. See Installing With Puppet Client.

  • Pulp’s puppet distributor is now updated to publish to /var/lib/pulp/puppet instead of /var/www/pulp_puppet.

API Changes

  • The sync progress report’s modules section has changed the way it reports errors with individual modules. The modules sub-object has an individual_errors attribute that used to index a JSON object, with module names (including version) as keys. Pulp stores this data structure in MongoDB, which led to RHBZ #1072580 because the module versions use periods which are illegal characters to use as document keys. The individual_errors attribute now indexes a list of JSON objects, and each JSON object has these keys: module (which is formatted as “name-version”), author, exception, and traceback. individual_errors used to be null when there weren’t any errors, but would be an object if there were errors. Now individual_errors will always be an array. It will be empty when there are no errors.

Notable Bugs Fixed

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