Pulp OSTree 1.0 Release Notes

Pulp OSTree 1.0.0

New Features

The Pulp team is pleased to release version 1.0.0 of the OSTree plugins for Pulp. These plugins provide support for OSTree repositories. Once the repository has been created and configured with a feed, branches can be pulled from a remote OSTree repository. Each pulled branch HEAD is stored as a content unit and associated with the repository. The actual trees are stored in a native OSTree repository. Content units can be copied between repositories. Publishing creates a new OSTree repository that is populated using OSTree local-pull of those commits specified by content units. The published repository contains refs for each branch and a summary file is generated.

API Changes

  • Added ostree_web_importer importer.

  • Added ostree_web_distributor distributor.

Bugs Fixed

You can see the list of bugs fixed.