Importer Configuration

The OSTree importer is configured by editing /etc/pulp/server/plugins.conf.d/ostree_importer.json. This file must be valid JSON.

The importer supports the settings documented in Pulp’s importer config docs with the addition of a the following OSTree specific properties:

  • branches - A list of branch names to be pulled during repository synchronization. When the value is nil (or not specified), all branches will be pulled.

  • gpg_keys - An (optional) list of GPG keys used to validate signed commits.

  • repair - An (optional) boolean that requests the importer repair corrupted storage. The repair may require that the importer delete and recreated the storage. Repositories configured with limited tree traversal depth or a subset of branches to be pulled should use caution. If the local repository needs to be recreated, it will be done so using the current configuration. Branches or commits pulled previously based on earlier configuration will not be included and may result in broken publishes. Defaults to false when not passed.