3.1 Release Notes


Bug Fixes:

See the bugs fixed in 3.1.4.

  • Fixed a problem with uploaded tarballs from a new version of Skopeo. Issue 3703

  • Fixed a syncing from google registries. Issue 3573

  • Fixed uploads for large tarfiles. Issue 3667

  • Improved error message for incorrect sync credentials. Issue 3686


See the bugs fixed in 3.1.3.


See the bugs fixed in 3.1.2.


See the bugs fixed in 3.1.1.

The unit key for an uploaded unit is now present in the details field of the task’s body, and is queriable via the REST API.


Manifest List upload is now supported. To upload a JSON Manifest List, all V2 Image Manifests referenced in the Manifest List must already be in Pulp and associated to the target repository.

Docker image V2 schema version 2 upload is now supported. To accomplish this, you need to install skopeo binaries on your machine and then to create an on-disk representation of your docker image you can use skopeo copy command. See https://github.com/projectatomic/skopeo#copying-images for more details. Before uploading, you need to tar the contents of the directory created by skopeo copy.

Support for image manifest V1 and V2 schema version 1 did not change.