AMQP Notifier

Deprecated since version 2.7: This page describes a notification framework that has been deprecated and will go away in Pulp 3.0.

The AMQP notifier is used to send Pulp events to an AMQP message broker. Messages are sent to a topic exchange. Each message “subject” starts with “pulp.server” and is then followed by the full message type, such as “repo.sync.finish” to yield a “subject” (or “topic”) of “pulp.server.repo.sync.finish”.

The default exchange will be “amq.topic”, which is guaranteed to exist. A new default may be specified in server.conf, and that may be overridden by the configuration described below.


The AMQP notifier is used by specifying the notifier type as amqp.

The following configuration values are supported when using the AMQP notifier:


Optional. The name of an AMQP exchange to use. The exchange must be of type “topic”.


The body of an inbound event notification will be a JSON document containing the following keys:


Indicates the type of event that is being sent.


JSON document describing the event. This will vary based on the type of event.


JSON document giving the Call Report, if the event was triggered within the context of a task. Otherwise this field will be null.