3.0.0rc5 (2019-09-10)


  • Allow users to filter tasks by created resources #4931

  • Enable users to filter tasks by reserved resources #5120

  • Add CharInFilter that allows filtering CharField by mutiple values #5182

  • Pinning pulpcore dependencies to y releases #5196


  • Adding fields parameter to OpenAPI schema. #4992

  • Improved the OpenAPI schema for RepositoryVersion.content_summary. #5210

  • Switch default DRF pagination to use LimitOffset style instead of Page ID. #5324

Improved Documentation

  • Update REST API docs for uploads_commit. #5190

  • Removed beta changelog entries to shorten the changelog. #5208

Deprecations and Removals

  • Removing code from task errors. #5282

  • All previous bindings expect a different pagination style and are not compatible with the pagination changes made. Newer bindings are available and should be used. #5324

3.0.0rc4 (2019-07-25)


  • Allow users to pass sha256 with each chunk to have Pulp verify the chunk. #4982

  • Users can view chunks info for chunked uploads in the API #5150


  • Setting missing fields on orphan cleanup tasks. #4662

  • Allow user to filter created resources without providing _href in a query #4722

  • GET of a Distribution without configuring the CONTENT_HOST setting no longer causes a 500 error. #4945

  • Increased artifact size field to prevent 500 errors for artifacts > 2GB in size. #4998

  • Allow artifacts to be created using json #5016

  • Have the commit endpoint dispatch a task to create artifacts from chunked uploads #5087

  • Allow user to delete uploaded content from a local file system when the artifact creation fails #5092

Improved Documentation

  • Fix broken urls in the /installation/configuration.html#settings area. #5160

Deprecations and Removals

  • Switched the default of the CONTENT_HOST setting from None to ''. #4945

  • Removed upload parameter from artifact create endpoint and converted upload commit to return 202. #5087

3.0.0rc3 (2019-06-28)


  • Pulp now works with webserver configured authentication that use the REMOTE_USER method. Also a new setting REMOTE_USER_ENVIRON_NAME is introduced allowing webserver authentication to work in reverse proxy deployments. #3808

  • Changing chunked uploads to use sha256 instead of md5 #4486

  • Adding support for parallel chunked uploads #4488

  • Each Content App now heartbeats periodically, and Content Apps with recent heartbeats are shown in the Status API /pulp/api/v3/status/ as a list called online_content_apps. A new setting is introduced named CONTENT_APP_TTL which specifies the maximum time (in seconds) a Content App can not heartbeat and be considered online. #4881

  • The task API now accepts PATCH requests that update the state of the task to ‘canceled’. This replaces the previous task cancelation API. #4883

  • Added support for removing all content units when creating a repo version by specifying ‘*’. #4901

  • Added endpoint to delete uploads. Also added complete filter. #4988


  • Core’s serializer should only validate when policy=’immediate’ (the default). #4990

Improved Documentation

  • Adds an authentication section to the installation guide. Also add two documented settings: AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS and REMOTE_USER_ENVIRON_NAME. #3808

  • Switch to using towncrier for better release notes. #4875

  • Adds documentation about the CONTENT_APP_TTL setting to the configuration page. #4881

  • The term ‘lazy’ and ‘Lazy’ is replaced with ‘on-demand’ and ‘On-Demand’ respectively. #4990

Deprecations and Removals

  • The migrations are squashed, requiring users of RC3 to deploy onto a fresh database so migrations can be applied again. This was due to alterations made to migration 0001 during the upload work. #4488

  • All the string fields in the REST API no longer accept an empty string as a value. These fields now accept null instead. #4676

  • The Remote.validate field is removed from the database and Remote serializer. #4714

  • The task cancelation REST API has been removed. #4883


Comprehensive list of changes and bugfixes for rc 2.

Breaking Changes

Default port changes happened in the Ansible Installer for Pulp and pulpcore was updated to match with this PR. Existing installs are unaffected. This was done to avoid conflicts that would prevent Pulp from starting by default in many environments; the previous ports (8000 & 8080) are commonly used by management webGUIs, development webservers, etc.

Publications are now Master/Detail which causes any Publication URL endpoint to change. To give an example from pulp_file see the URL changes made here as an example. See plugin docs compatible with 3.0.0rc2 for more details.

Distributions are now Master/Detail which causes the Distribution URL endpoint to change. To give an example from pulp_file see the URL changes made in this PR as an example. See plugin docs compatible with 3.0.0rc2 for more details.

The semantics of Remote attributes ssl_ca_certificate, ssl_client_certificate, and ssl_client_key changed even though the field names didn’t. Now these assets are saved directly in the database instead of on the filesystem, and they are prevented from being read back out to users after being set for security reasons. This was done with these changes.