1.0 Release Notes


This is a bugfix release. It contains two bugfixes:

  • Add support for packages that use DOS line endings

  • Add support for packages that contain more than one PKG-INFO file

These fixed were both provided to the Pulp community in Pull Request #40. Thanks to Graham Forest for the contributions!


The Pulp team is pleased to release version 1.0.0 of the Python plugins for Pulp.

Sync Feature

This release introduces the ability to Synchronize Packages from PyPI.


To upgrade, simply follow these steps (substituting for systemctl as appropriate, if you are not using systemd):

  1. Stop all Pulp services on every machine that is part of the installation:

    $ for s in {pulp_workers,pulp_resource_manager,pulp_celerybeat,httpd,goferd}; do sudo systemctl stop $s; done;
  2. Upgrade the Pulp packages on every machine:

    $ sudo yum update
  3. Apply database migrations:

    $ sudo -u apache pulp-manage-db
  4. Start the Pulp services:

    $ for s in {pulp_workers,pulp_resource_manager,pulp_celerybeat,httpd,goferd}; do sudo systemctl start $s; done;


This release contains minor bugfixes. See the bugs fixed in 1.0.0.