Pulp 2.1 Release Notes

Pulp 2.1.0

New Features

  1. Pulp 2.1 now supports Fedora 18 and Apache 2.4.

  2. We now support the use of the puppet module tool (provided by Puppet) against a Pulp server.

  3. Pulp can now manage installation, upgrade, and removal of puppet modules on Pulp consumers.”

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrade the Platform and Pulp Puppet Software

Please see the Pulp Platform upgrade instructions to upgrade the Pulp and Puppet RPMs and database.

Republish Puppet Repositories

The Puppet Forge API will not work for previously published repositories. Those repositories must be republished. You can find out the repository IDs on your system with this command:

$ sudo pulp-admin puppet repo list --fields repo_id

For each ID in that list, you can republish it with this command, substituting <repo_id> with the ID of the repository you wish to republish:

$ sudo pulp-admin puppet repo publish run --repo-id=<repo_id>