Pulp 2.16 Release Notes

Pulp 2.16.4

Bug Fixes

See the list of bugs fixed in 2.16.4

Pulp 2.16.2

Bug Fixes

See the full list of bugs fixed in 2.16.2

  • Security fix: Issue 3521

    • CVE-2018-1090

    • The last_override_config field on importers and distributors was serialized via the Rest API and potentially included sensitive information. With this release, that field no longer reports the information saved in the database. Instead it will always show as:

      'last_override_config': {}
  • Fixes toward supporting a FIPS enabled system:

  • Greatly improved performance for orphan cleanup. Issue 3663.

Pulp 2.16.1

Bug Fixes

See the list of bugs fixed in 2.16.1

Pulp 2.16.0

New Features

  • Added a worker_timeout config setting for users to customize when Pulp should consider workers are dead and attempt to kill them.