Pulp 2.2 Release Notes

Pulp 2.2.0

This release adds support for Fedora 19 and drops support for Fedora 17.

New Features

  • Child node synchronization can now be scheduled with an optional recurrence. More information can be found in the Nodes section of the user guide.
  • Some consumer operations can now be canceled.
  • Orphan removal performs much better.

Noteworthy Bugs Fixed

  • 906420 - Periods in consumer and repository IDs no longer cause problems.

All Bugs

You can see the complete list of bugs that were fixed in Pulp 2.2.0.

Upgrade Instructions for 2.1.x –> 2.2.0

To upgrade to the new Pulp release from version 2.1.x, you should begin by using yum to install the latest RPMs from the Pulp repository and run the database migrations:

$ sudo yum upgrade
$ sudo pulp-manage-db

Then restart apache.

Pulp 2.2.1

New Features

  • MongoDB replica sets are now supported. See the comments in /etc/pulp/server.conf under the [database] section for information on how to configure Pulp to use a replica set.

Bug Fixes

Multiple proxy-related issues related to authentication and HTTPS to the proxy were fixed in RHBZ #1022662 and RHBZ #1014368.

See the RPM-specific user guide for highlights of the most important bug fixes there. All bug fixes for this release can be seen at this link:

All Bug Fixes