ISO rsync Distributor


The ISO rsync distributor publishes ISO content to a remote server. The distributor uses rsync over ssh to perform the file transfer.


Pulp’s SELinux policy includes a pulp_manage_rsync boolean. When enabled, the pulp_manage_rsync boolean allows Pulp to use rsync and make ssh connections. The boolean is disabled by default. The ISO Rsync distributor will fail to publish with SELinux Enforcing unless the boolean is enabled. To enable it, you can do this:

$ sudo semanage boolean --modify --on pulp_manage_rsync

Here is an example iso_rsync_distributor configuration:

    "distributor_id": "my_iso_rsync_distributor",
    "distributor_type_id": "iso_rsync_distributor",
    "distributor_config": {
        "remote": {
            "auth_type": "publickey",
            "ssh_user": "foo",
            "ssh_identity_file": "/home/user/.ssh/id_rsa",
            "host": "",
            "root": "/home/foo/pulp_root_dir"
        "predistributor_id": "my_iso_distributor"
The id of the iso_distributor associated with the same repository. The PULP_MANIFEST published by the predistributor is copied to the remote server.

The distributor_config contains a remote section with the following settings:

The ssh user for remote server.

Absolute path to the private key that will be used as identity file for ssh. The key must be owned by user apache and must not be readable by other users. If the POSIX are too loose, the SSH application will refuse to use the key. Additionally, if SELinux is Enforcing, Pulp requires the key to be labeled with the httpd_sys_content_t SELinux context. This can be applied to the file with:

$ sudo chcon -t httpd_sys_content_t  /path/to/ssh_identity_file
The hostname of the remote server.
The absolute path to the remote root directory where all the data (content and published content) lives. This is the remote equivalent to /var/lib/pulp. The relative_url of the predistributor is appended to the root to determine the location of published repository.

Optional configuration

If true, the distributor will publish content units only (e.g. /var/lib/pulp/content). The symlinks of a published repository will not be rsynced.
If true, --delete is appended to the rsync command for symlinks and repodata so that any old files no longer present in the local published directory are removed from the remote server.
The relative path from the root where unit files will live. Defaults to content/units.
list of strings that can be used to extend default arguments used for rsync call.