Scheduled Tasks

Pulp can schedule a number of tasks to be performed at a later time, on a recurring interval, or both.

Pulp utilizes the ISO8601 interval format for specifying these schedules. It supports recurrences, start times, and durations for any scheduled task. The recurrence and start time is optional on any schedule. When the recurrence is omitted, it is assumed to recur indefinitely. When the start time is omitted, the start time is assumed to be now.

More information on ISO8601 interval formats can be found here:

Scheduled tasks are generally treated as sub-collections and corresponding resources in Pulp’s REST API. All scheduled tasks will have the following fields:

  • _id The schedule id
  • _href The uri path of the schedule resource
  • schedule The schedule as specified as an ISO8601 interval
  • failure_threshold The number of consecutive failures to allow before the scheduled task is automatically disabled
  • enabled Whether or not the scheduled task is enabled
  • consecutive_failures The number of consecutive failures the scheduled tasks has experienced
  • remaining_runs The number of runs remaining
  • first_run The date and time of the first run as an ISO8601 datetime
  • last_run_at The date and time of the last run as an ISO8601 datetime (changed in 2.4 from last_run)
  • next_run The date and time of the next run as an ISO8601 datetime
  • task The name (also the python path) of the task that will be executed

Scheduled tasks may have additional fields that are specific to that particular task.

Sample scheduled task resource

  "next_run": "2014-01-28T16:33:26Z",
  "task": "pulp.server.tasks.consumer.update_content",
  "last_updated": 1390926003.828128,
  "first_run": "2014-01-28T10:35:08Z",
  "schedule": "2014-01-28T10:35:08Z/P1D",
  "args": [
  "enabled": true,
  "last_run_at": null,
  "_id": "52e7d8b3dd01fb0c8428b8c2",
  "total_run_count": 0,
  "failure_threshold": null,
  "kwargs": {
    "units": [
        "unit_key": {
          "name": "pulp-server"
        "type_id": "rpm"
    "options": {}
  "resource": "pulp:consumer:me",
  "remaining_runs": null,
  "consecutive_failures": 0,
  "options": {},
  "_href": "/pulp/api/v2/consumers/me/schedules/content/update/52e7d8b3dd01fb0c8428b8c2/"